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Get on the plane BA!
Aug 25, 2002
I am a big fan of employee cafeteria's in airports. Anyone know of any other than JFK, DFW, ORD?
where is DFW's

as a secondary question, anyone been in new Terminal D? Nice?
Yank McCobb said:
EGAD!! And I'm a big fan of sharp sticks in the eye.:eek:

lol :)

To anyone: Does that old guy still make those giant omelettes in the DFW cafeteria? That was the only thing that could get me to leave the hotel early in the mornings.
EWR has a pretty decent one--- in Terminal C--- CAL and XJT land. You can get a western omlette with cheese and hashbrowns for 3 bucks.

Didn't the DFW one close after Delta left? They used to make the best burittos too!
sfo, united baggage claim. follow all of the pilots,rampers, and csa agents. best omelletes around.

JFK has a pretty good one under the Delta terminal (ramp level). Many choices such as a good salad bar, pizza & other Italian food, big ole sandwiches, and another counter with choice of meat & veggies.
IAH Terminal E. Gordon's Galley I think is the name still.

The food is prepared by the Pappa's chefs that run the Pappasito's up in the terminal.
And Gordons Galley is in an un secure area, accessable to the general public, not just Continental employees, but CO employees get a discount with an ID. It at the lower level by the elevator near gate E-4.