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c550/c560 pay

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Brewer, Patriot
Nov 25, 2001
Can't seem to get hold of any salary surveys. Was wondering what a fortune 500, corporate c560 or c550 captain should make in the Eastern US?

Since there is no "standard" pay, you're best bet would be to obtain a copy of NBAA's Salary Guideline. They're probably the most accurate, but again, it doesn't mean every company will follow that guide.

Another sounce for raw info (light jet, med. jet, etc) would be avcrew.com and their survey. A last resort would be ProPilot (though nearly every chief pilot I've ever talked to will disregard their survery before all others).

From personal experience: I've seen large companies (not necessarily Fortune 500) start FOs from $16,000 to $30,000. Captains from $22,000 to $54,000 (500 series excluding Exel). Probably a safe bet to say Fortune 500 companies are a little better. A buddy started 6 years ago at a Fortune 200 company as a C650 FO at $65,000.

Hopefully this helps a little.


Citation 500 Series (I, II, V) Captains according to B/CA, average is $60,000 per year. Part 135 maybe a little less, Corporate maybe a little more.

Hope this helps,
I know of a construction outfit in the SF Bay area that pays captains $110,000/yr and FO $75,000 in the CE500 (basic slowtation).

I also know of a private individual in the Phoenix area that pays his crew $85,000 cpt and $55,000 FO on a Citation II (CE550). which is the same type.
A 135/91 company in the mid Atlantic pays their captains $72,000 a year. They manage a couple 560's.You get 6 days scheduled off a month and you get to wear a pager.
Another Fortune 500 out of IAD starts their guys off at $70,000.Work 5 days a week,2 weeks on,1 week off.All part 91.

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