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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
Even though the 172 is more expensive, you will save money becauce it is a better training tool than the 152 I have instrusted in both and have noticed that students learn a lot faster when they are confortable and also feel safe. The 172 does both of these, and is much more stable platform. Also it is a much more realistic airplane, the 152 is just a kite with an engine and can be a dangerous airplane.
I don't know where you are getting the basis for that opinion. I can list a dozen reasons why one student might learn faster than another, with aircraft type not being near the top. What about the 152 makes it unsafe? To follow your line of reasoning, if a 172 is a better trainer than a 152, then a 208 would be a great trainer. No carb heat or mixture issues to worry about there either. How about some facts to back this claim up.
A 208 would be a great trainer! Aside from the cost, it would be perfect to train the "doctor" type new pilot that wants to move into advanced aircraft right off the bat. That could work...
What a bunch of crap, the 152 is not a dangerous airplane!!

Your argument has no basis. Both the 152 and 172 are solid training aircraft.

The only reason a person would prefer one over the other is if they are the doctor/lawyer type that likes newer things.

I don't believe a student's ability to learn changes with the aircraft. Really, they are all the same (for the most part)!
The only real disadvantage to the 152 is that it's a little too stable, and a little too forgiving. Students can develop bad habits landing that would not be so easily forgiven in other airplanes. It must almost be wrestled into a spin, and then it comes out on it's own generally speaking. But overall, it's a great trainer, and has proved it's worth over hundreds of thousands of training hours.

Giving a student more power, more performance, and greater stability is counterproductive in a training aircraft. A student should be required to learn to plan ahead, and it's best to do so in an airplane that doesn't have the performance that allows them to fudge. It's the student that needs to be taught, not the airplane. The airplane does just fine by itself.
If you don't think an aircraft that can only climb at 200-300 ft per min @ 68 kts on a hot day is a safe airplane than congratulations. I prefer a little more power and altitude on takeoff especially when I have students soloing from a short runway during the summer. One little burble from the engine on takeoff and thats it. In the winter it's a different story, thats all I meant by saying it can be unsafe. An ah birddog thats not a line of reasoning, I made a general statement about one aircraft not the 208, take your sarcasm somewhere else. I am sure there are other posts you can find to argue about. Gee I wonder why they don't make 152 anymore?
Iif your 152 climbs at 200 FPM better check your compressions. Thats 5 minutes just to get to pattern altitude and I have never seen that in any 152 hot or cold.

The best trainers ever made are the J-3 Cub and the Champ. Neither had great performance and are much harder for a beginner to fly and land than a 152 yet I dont think anyone would consider them unsafe.
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Everybody has an opinion. That is normal. It sounds more like you are uncomfortable in the C152 , not your students. I've found that students develope a better feel and softer touch for flying when they learn in a C152 instead of a C172. The 152 pilots can usually transition much easier into the 172 than the 172 pilots can transition into a 152. I agree with you that the 172 is a more stable platform, but that might not help them in the future. The 152 is lighter and more responsive that, yes, allows students to recover from mistakes quicker and easier,but, these qualities also make it easier for the student to over control and make a mistake.
Vy of 67kts in a 152 vs. 79kts for a 172R. Yes you will get a better climb and a better glide out of the 172. I just don't think that that alone makes one airplane safer than another. For a heavy student and a heavy instructor I think it's a no brainer, go with the 172.
My $.02
Take care
Every aircraft has its limitations. Its in the aircraft manual. The hard part is for the pilot determining his.

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