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C152 wet rental rates

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New member
Dec 8, 2001
Please tell me where I can find the cheapest C152 rental rates. I need to build time and pay like everyone else.

Much appreciated!
You would probably get a better response if you told us what area you are in.

152's go for 45.00-52.00 in the Dallas area, and should be about the same give or take a few bucks everywhere else.
I think up here in Sioux Falls, our 152 goes for about $55 or so wet. Our new 172's are about $95-$100/hr wet. Business Aviation Services is the FBO
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Well at SRQ (Sarasota, FL) they have 152s at $49.00/hr (for one thats block, the other its single). Here in Daytona, FL (EVB) they have 152s for $62.00/hr.

Here in Daytona Philair might be cheaper per an hour, but what price can you put on your life. (AVOID Philair)
Like everyone else has said it depends on where you are at. If you are in the DFW area there's a place to get a C150 for $35/hr. It isn't the prettiest thing you've seen, but mechanically it is a solid aircraft.


Here in Northern Colorado i can rent a 152 for $45 and a 172 for $55 wet.

The rate at the club for one of our 172's is $37.50 wet.
It's scary out here...

I learned to fly at Sunrise, at SNA in southern California. Right now, wet, the 152 is going for 67/hr. at the full rate and 62/hr. at the block rate.

Shop around.


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