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C130 ANG spot

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Well-known member
Apr 6, 2005
I live in KC which is just 30 mins away from a ANG C130 unit. I went to them last year for a non prior pilot slot and took all the tests with the exception of the physical. I did very well on those tests but wasn't sure if the military was for me. So know I have a civilian job building time and being shat on like everyone else. No hopes for good pay, exciting flying or even a retirement so Im starting to rethink and actually try and apply fully. The only thing is my uncorrected vision is like 20/200 but my corrected is 20/10 on a good day. How likely would a waiver be issued for this? Also, anyone been in my situation? My buddy is a load and he likes it and gets paid to do shat except obviously hes got to go overseas for a couple months off and on.
I think to be a AF pilot, you need 20/50 corrected to 20/20. You can get a nav slot with 20/200 corrected to 20/50, i think. I dont know how you can get a waiver for that stuff. You can get the eye operations that are out there, but you have to wait a year for checkups before the AF will even consider that you could fly. I don't know how accurate it is, but it's what I remember from applying to the AFA and AFROTC stuff.

You can go talk to the commander of the C-130 squadron and ask what his take on it is, or find a AF medical officer. I am sure they would be happy to help you out!

PRK, thats what it was. I couldn't remember. But yes, they are allowing PRK, but there is a legnthy waiting period and a few checkups before they ok your eyes I've heard.
We have a few enlisted crew doing PRK in order to qualify for an officer flying position. The good thing about it is that it is approved and paid for by the military.

Being prior enlisted is a HUGE help during the interview process. The unit knows you and unless you are a total tool as an elisted guy you should have no problem getting picked up for UPT.

Good Luck.

The sheet I got said PRK and LASIK were disqualifiers. Plus, as a non prior is that a big setback when comparing me to other guys that are in the unit already but maybe don't have much if any flight time? Im banking on my test scores and my flight experience and ratings at this point.
PRK is only a disqualifier if your vision isn't within the limits. Check out baseops.net for more info. And its not that hard to get a waiver if your non prior.
I just got back from Brooks AFB a couple of weeks ago. That's where everyone in the AF or ANG must pass through before heading to flight school. PRK is allowed, but like someone else said, you've gotta go through some extra tests. And the margin is 20/70 uncorrected - correctable to 20/20. Of course there are waivers for everything, unless you've got a multitude of problems....

good luck

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