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C-130 Training

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You start in the T-6 or T-37 and then go to Corpus Christi and fly the T-44 or the C-12 with the navy. Then you go to Little Rock to train in the Herk. Some guard C-130 people go through T-1's too. Hope that clarifies.
T-34's too

RF hit pretty much on the head. There are a handful of UPT students who will start off with the Navy in T-34's then on to the T-44/TC-12 before hitting the Rock. Having been an instructor in all aircraft involved, I can assure you the T-44 training prepares you very well for herks.

There is a rumor that Guard and Reserve drivers will never fly the real airplane until they return to their unit. Sim time at the Rock and home for aircraft training.
If you fly a J model C130 you will fly a T1 at UPT. You will then go through the FULL MPD course at Little Rock....sims and flights in BOTH seats, and get a left seat checkride. You will then fly in the right seat at your unit until they decide to upgrade you.
JD...although you might think T44s prepares you....please dont think I am knocking your skills.....but I flew 38s..I have been an IP for many studs that flew the T44 and I think 90% of them suck as pilots.
My Nav buddies say the product out of the combined traning at Randolph is the same.
Lighten Up Tut

dftl is biased, as are many of the -130's guys who flew the -38. I flew C-12's at corpus and i was so far ahead of the T-1 guys at little rock in my class. The UPT program is considerably different in corpus, most IPs are C-130 types and corpus is a minni little rock. you're definitely ahead of the T-1 types. Most folks (T-1 types) couldn't even spell NDB at little rock and C-12, T-44 guys were just happy to have an operating RMI card to shoot the approach. Most instruments you'll fly at corpus will be partial panel, something the air force doesn't teach. The T-1 program will teach you how to nat's ass plan every imaginable sortie, where corpus will teach you how to fly a partial panel NDB approach to a circle with an engine out while briefing the approach. Air Force will never let you brief and fly or do compounded emergencies in the plane. Whatever track you go, will definitely be the best track ever, to you. I liked the fact that on day 1 in the C-12 the instructor would preface everything with " this is just like the C-130 or this is different than the C-130." I felt it prepared me well.

Edit- not everyone set for the J will fly the T-1, just the folks we know dftl.
Dan Im not BIASED!!! We have had this discussion. Myself and 90% of the Ips out there will agree. TRUST ME.
THere are folks that would be good pilot sif htey went to UPT and learned on an unltralight...but I have seen the lack of an instrument cross check in many students..none of them T1 or T38.
The overall weakest students that most of the Ips I know, including myself, have flown with were T44/C12 ones...and this was when the T1 and T38 still produced C130 studs.
Rob Feature vbmenu_register("postmenu_692631", true);

C-130 J-model pilots fly T-37s, then the T-44, T-1 or T-38. My squadron has recent graduates from all three tracks. In the ANG, it depends what track is assigned from the ANG readiness center. Each posesses it uniqueness, challenges and ultimate rewards. I wish you success!

nav C-130E AWADS
pilot C-130 E/H and J
thanks again, I have an ANG interview coming up this month and was looking for a heads-up out the training. Hopefully I will be experiencing it (the training) first hand.


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