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BWI or OAK question

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Well-known member
Dec 19, 2001
Visited BWI 2 months ago. Not crazy about the town :(. What area would you recommend?
2) How about OAK, is there anything affordable within 30-40 minutes from the airport? :confused:
Thanks for your help
Don't know what areas you were looking in at BWI but I can tell you from what I hear about OAK you should probably lean towards BWI.

Having been a resident of the BWI area for 11 years I can tell you there are great places to live around there.

Columbia, Ellicott City, Annapolis, Catonsville, Owings Mills.

I live inColumbia..15 minutes from the airport parking lot. Nice suburban community with great shopping and dining choices.


1. I live in Baltimore now. What are you looking for? Downtown? Surburbia? The country? Which town did you visit?

2. No.

Sometimes I dream about a day when we'll all have to make choices like that, when the pool drains. I've been to realtor.com, and searched properties of what I think I might be able to afford on second or third year pay. From OAK, I looked in Stockton, CA.
I'm guessing it's about 1 hour to 1:15 in good traffic, and you can get a basic 4 bedroom house there for around 225 or so. Same house close in costs 800. In general, you'd be much better off in BWI if those are your 2 choices. Heck, go 1:15 away and you can get a mansion in the corner of West Virginia, or even some acreage in the country. Plenty of suburbia closer in, too.

What area do you live in? My wife and I recently purchased a townhouse in Owings Mills.. I grew up in the area (Ellicott City).. My advice to anyone is to spend a few days out there.. There is LOTS to do, and its a beautiful part of the country..

From the research that we did, we came to a few conclusions.. 1. Anything within reasonable driving distance of Baltimore and D.C. was selling for some serious duckets. 2. If you have kids, and can afford it, Howard County has fantastic schools, but you really pay for it.. We decided on Owings Mills/New Town area because the cost was much less, and we won't need the school system for a few years..

If anyone has any questions about the Baltimore area, let me know..

Thanks for the replies
We are looking for a nice country place, 1 or 2 acres at 30 minutes from the airport. I guess North and West are the best options.
Country place within 30 minutes.

Doesn't exsist unless you concentrate on the area between Annapolis and BWI but it can be pretty pricey.

Lot's of pilots go north up Rt. 83 just across the state line into York county.

From the state line to airport parking will run about 50 - 60 minutes.

Good Luck.

Hold the presses!

PTinbound. Did you say you could get "a basic 4 bedroom house there for around 225 or so."


You mean, $225 dollars.


Per month?

Holy cow. I've gotta get outta Alaska.

I'm looking at a 3 bedroom duplex in Fairbanks for $1200/mo.

And it's pretty nice.

Around here DC is the center of all things expensive. Any community that is within an hour or so of DC is going to be more pricey than those that aren't. Maryland is trying to fight urban sprawl around DC also, which basically means they're building less than what the demand would normally require... so the prices keep going up.

With that in mind you'll get the most bang for your buck in Harford county NE of Baltimore, or just over the state line in PA up I-83. All the towns ATA75 mentioned are nice if you can afford the type of place you want there.


I live in an apartment downtown, walking distance from the harbor, stadiums, Federal Hill, etc. I love being in the middle of everything and I'm having a blast- but then again I don't have to worry about kids or schools. I'm going to wait until I'm past that first year FO pay before I buy anything, but in the meantime I'm trying to stay up on the real estate market around here.

Mar, no, that's buying a house for $225,000.
Gotta be the cheapest anywhere in California.
I'm still leaning toward God's country in Texas, though.

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