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Buying a Citation type.

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Dec 11, 2001
Does anyone know who's got the best deal on type ratings? (forget FSI/Simcomm, I need the el-cheapo place). Which rating covers the SII/V ? is it just the plain old 500 series?

I know it's terribly expensive. I'm looking at it as a means to finish my ATP and get a bunch of PIC turbine at my 135 outfit.

besides, eventually flightops/EJ would probably be happy to see it on my ticket. Hopefully it would pay for itself in the next 10 years.

The CE-500 rating covers all 500 series citations except the Excel.
There are places all around the country that do citation ratings. look at some flying magazines or try to find some of the previous post that discuss it specificly. you get what you pay for.
at ej you would be sent to flight safety as if you never had the rating. Having a type would mean nothing with regards to the training you would go through at ej.
However jet time would be looked on favorably I'm sure.

oh yea, an ATP on by itself is probably 1/10 the cost of the cheapest citation type rating you will find. Something to think about just depends how tight the $$$$ are for yourself.

Good Luck Fly Safe
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The CE500 type rating is not good for the CJ either - which is the CE-525. If having the type rating will help you now, I can understand why you want it - but I do not believe that it will help you in the future with either EJA or Flight Options. The jet PIC time will help, so long as it is legitimite PIC time.

There are a lot of places that do the CE500 type rating. You can get it for as little as about $3900, or as much as about $13000. If you go to the cheap place, you will likely walk away with about 2 to 3 hours of jet time, and a lot of FTD time.
types ...

Thanks for your input. It's reallly designed to make myself more marketable to the boss man at my 135 for a FT posn and at the same time get that ATP done. I'm giving up alot of PIC time with dead legs and it's frustrating to have to log it SIC.

PS. If you know specifically where any type providers from 4-8K range may be, drop me a note. I'm certain they're no FSI or Simcomm but oh well, that comes later with (company paid) recurrent.
Check out the website at www.scanavia.com. They do type ratings in San Diego for pretty good prices. I know somebody that used to teach there part time - but that was a while ago. Their website shows $4500 plus checkride fee for a Part 61 CE500 type rating. Looks like it takes about 7-10 days total.
If it helps you with your current job, go for it. I have a Citation 500 type from FSI and legit. PIC in it and it is just about worthless.
Make sure you know the FAR Part 61 regarding logging PIC in a multi crew A/C. It can come and bite you later.
Search the net for schools and prices.
Good luck.
"I'm giving up alot of PIC time with dead legs and it's frustrating to have to log it SIC."


I'm not sure what you mean by this? What's dead legs have to do with this? I'm assuming that your flying part 135. correct? If so, you would have to be current under part 135 as SIC.

If you have more than 25 or 30 hours in the aircraft and have strong systems knowledge there's no reason you shouldn't be flying every other leg regardless of who's in back. If you're sitting in the right seat next to someone that only lets you talk on the radio and jerk the gear, get your type to get another job and get out of there.

I'll have to agree with EMB145. You're not PIC unless you're fully responsible for the aircraft. But keep an aditional colum in your book for the legs you flew and the legs you flew with the type rating. In the future you will be asked how much PIC you have in the aircraft. Depending on who's asking and how specific they ask, you could give the part 1(typed and hands on controls) or part 61 definition (the Captain).

The Simiflite/Flight Safety types are the big $$$. They are also the ones that most insurance companies except. Flight experience with the type looks much better to insurance companies and can open doors to employment. However 2,500 to 3,000 total time is also a magic number for PIC insurance.

Best of Luck

Good Luck

Oh, my C500 rating is currently doing nothing for me. I wish I could sell it to you!

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