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But, what have you done lately?

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Feb 25, 2002
Hey All!


How important is recency of experience? If you have, let’s say 2,500TT with a good amount of multi, but you haven’t flown for 6-8 months, does this change the value of your TT? Can another applicant who is currently flying 75 hrs/mo but with less hours, say 1,500TT with same % of multi, move ahead in the hiring game? (in today's job market, of course)

Just curious

Recency of experience

Flight time isn't perishable, but you certainly want to be current. If not, you want to become current. An employer will certainly ask what you've been up to lately, why you have not been flying.

At that point, depending on the company's requirements, all things would be equal.

Take my case, for example. I have 4565 total hours. I will always have those hours. Each hour is documented in my logbooks. I haven't flown in more than eight years. Let's say that right now I apply for a job and get an interview based on my on-paper quals. Well, you can bet the ranch that I'll be hammered about not being current. Although I would be bewildered as to why I was even called in the first place, I'd be shown the door.

However, let's say I became current, was flying, and picked up a student or two, and then applied. I would have to craft an answer about why I started flying again. If I satisfy the interviewer with my answer, I should still be in the running for a job.

Hope that helps a little.
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I would hope in these times they would be a little understanding why your not current. I mean for 6 months to a year at least. They way things have been going after 9/11 anyway. I think it would be easy to explain. I am only flying on a contract basis and I haven't flown that much in the last 4 months. Right now I am lucky to fly once a week. Just apply and see what happens and try to keep flying.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
Recency expierence is pretty important, that is why a lot of companies whant X hrs in the last 30 or 60 or 90 days.
you start to loose the feel of things if your not flying for to long, well before for the 30 days.
Flight time isn't perishable, but flight proficiency certainly is.

The only hour that counts is the last one you flew.
No, flight time isn't perishable and you will always have that time, but with quite a few regionals out there, your most recent time is worth more to them (and you) than your "old" time. A good example of this applies to one of the regionals I am very interested in out west. From what I understand, their on-line application form has a section to fill in your time which is broken down into recency. Your application is then "graded" with points being applied to your various flight times. One hour of multi, PIC, acutal within the past 30 days is awarded more points than one hour of multi, PIC, that you flew 60 or 90 days ago. The applications that meet their requirements and have the highest points, are seperated and interviews are offered from this group.

Andy N. could you confirm or clarify this process? ....assuming it is still being used.

So technically, no you don't lose that time, but it does to an extent lose value as time goes by to both you and the employer.


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