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Busy day for the TSA

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Well-known member
Mar 23, 2002
Posted on Wed, May. 22, 2002

Lauderdale airport terminal evacuated after metal detector found unplugged
By Erin Chan
[email protected]

Hundreds of people were evacuated from Concourse D at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Wednesday morning after a metal detector was found unplugged.

Federal Transportation Security Administration officials evacuated the concourse -- which serves Delta Air Lines -- at about 11:30 a.m. after it was discovered that the screening machine was unplugged.

Federal security spokeswoman Deirdre O' Sullivan said it is not yet known how many passengers passed through the detector, how long it had been unplugged or who discovered the problem.

Evacuated passengers were being re-screened and allowed back into the concourse within an hour, airport spokesman Jim Reynolds said. Flights from the concourse were delayed, Reynolds added.

An entity of the federal government created after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the security agency oversees airport security nationwide.

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New Orleans Airport Shooting Wounds 2
KENNER, La. (AP) - A man wounded two people with a shotgun at the New Orleans airport Wednesday, telling investigators that he fired because people made fun of his turban.

``That's his story. We don't know what really happened,'' Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee said.

The shotgun blast wounded an airline customer in the stomach and an airline employee in the hand, the sheriff said. The gunman was tackled by bystanders in the ticket lobby of Louis Armstrong International Airport.

The shooting occurred in the cavernous lobby, away from the concourses where security screeners check for weapons. Flights continued but delays were reported.

Lee identified the suspect as Patrick Gott, 43, of Pensacola, Fla. He said Gott was carrying a Quran and invoked the name of Allah.

The sheriff said Gott told deputies he was in the terminal when people began making fun of his turban. He told investigators that he left the terminal, took a duffel bag with a shotgun out of his car, went back inside and fired, Lee said.

Witnesses said the gun may have misfired or jammed.

``I heard one very loud boom,'' said Mary Ann Rouanet, a US Airways ticketing agent.

She said she ducked behind the counter and heard a series of clicks. Other employees scrambled through the baggage conveyor.

Another witness, Jonathon Jenkins, told WWL television that the shooter was subdued by another man after the gun apparently jammed.

``Everyone scattered. Everyone went down in the middle of the lobby,'' Jenkins said.

The sheriff said the wounded customer was hospitalized in guarded condition. Bob Garner, spokesman for the sheriff's department, said the suspect and his mother were at the airport to drop off a passenger.


Firecrackers Found in Plane Lavatory
HONG KONG (AP) - Seven firecrackers were discovered in the lavatory of a United Airlines jet that flew from Chicago to Hong Kong with 335 people aboard, but they were too small to have caused any major damage if they had exploded, officials said Thursday.

The firecrackers were found on Flight 895 during a routine inspection of the Boeing 747-400 after it landed Tuesday night. They did not have fuses, and there was no other apparent way to detonate them, said Airport Authority spokesman Chris Donnolley.

United spokeswoman Chris Nardella said United had not changed its security arrangements, adding that the airline's safety measures remain tight.

The firecrackers were 2 1/2 inches long by half an inch wide, said Hong Kong police spokesman W.K. Lip.

``There was a very small risk involved if they went off,'' Donnolley said, but added they could have started a small fire.

Passengers had already left the airplane at Hong Kong's Chek Lap Kok airport when the firecrackers were discovered. The jet was searched and found to be safe before it continued on to Singapore on Tuesday night as United Flight 805.

Airline security has been increased worldwide following the Sept. 11 attacks in which terrorists hijacked four jetliners, including two from United, and flew three of them into New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon outside Washington. The fourth crashed in Pennsylvania.

Now, I know that the three are unrelated, but they might as well be. It has been proven time over that getting past security is not an issue. But look at the results.


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