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Bring Him Back

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Fr8T Dawg in Training
Jan 3, 2005
I dont understand why in the world he was banned for his avatar...do we not get warnings anymore!
We all want gkrangers back....GK! GK! GK!
Moderators let him back in!
taken from the sticky about avatars:

"if I have to remove it the next time I'll also put you in the "penalty box" for 5 days. If I remove it 3 times you will be banned for good."

he never even got a warning!!!! i say bring the poor bugger back. he's not as bad as 3/4 of the people around here.
He really is a good kid...... I mean I would let him back in...he will never do it again! ;)
Anyone got a link to this avatar? I missed it. What was so bad?
Mario and the princess were spreading the seed
Ummm, hate to burst everyone's rebel bubble, but this board is a private forum that has some rules. The mods can decide what's appropriate and what isn't. If everyone doesn't like the rules, you can certainly go to some other board. Until then, the mods make the rules and we have to live by them.
That was a humorous and harmless avatar. To ban someone for that is ridiculous, especially without the established warning. Someone needs to reign in these moderators.
Does anyone remember the Eddie Murphy routine where he calls Richard Pryor and complains about Bill Cosby? "Tell Bill to have a coke and a smile and shut the f@ck up." It seems somehow fitting here.
I love t-gates avatar!!! ur the best man! :)
LOL!!! t-gates, you rock.

the avatar in question had mario from the super mario bros video games humping princess toadstool from behind, and every time he'd thrust it'd say 1UP. hilarious!!!

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