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Breaking into corporate

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Down with Chemtrails!
Jan 20, 2002
I know that the hardest part about getting into corporate flying, is initially getting into it, when do you do not have contacts or friends already doing it to help you find out about jobs.

What if one get an offer to do corporate in a piston twin, in a large metro area with lots of corp flying, is that a way to really break into it?

I do have some turboprop PIC time, but I do not know of any turboprop or jet SIC jobs, but getting a job in a place with lots of corporate flying, even if piston initially, would it be a good way start?
Well if you liked India

You might be able to get this job: Might get you a type and some business Jet experience. Or an internal parasite. *shrug* Just a thought.

We will be accepting delivery on a new Citation Crew XLS. We require one crew to attend ground and flight training in the US along with a local crew, to obtain a type rating. Then ferry the aircraft to India. After which you will remain in India for a period of not less than 6 months. Contract renewal for a longer term may be possible or upgrade to another one of our aircraft.
Requirements: Captain must have 4000TT and 1000 of jet. Co-pilot must have 1500TT and 200 multi-engine.

Company Benefits: Remuneration is 334,000.00 INR for Capt. and 289,000 INR for Co-pilot, Housing assistance, Company medical policy, and permanent driver.
Hmmmm interesting, since I do have India and Ferry experience. Where did you see it posted?
Sorry bout that,

My cut and paste skills are weak.

Only those candidates of interest will be contacted. Please transmit your C.V. at your convience but no later than 1-11-2005 to [email protected]

Hope it helps
Thanks. Unfortunately I tried to send a resume for it, but somehow planejobs.com owns the ad and has a way to block resumes from going to that yahoo email address, unless you are a subscriber to their service. I do not have any experience with planejobs.com, are they worth the 60 to subscribe? They advertise a free trial, but you really can not do anything with that trial other than see job listings, but cant apply.
I am a member of that site. If you have not joined yet, PM me, I might be able to help somehow.

And as an aside, I think Homer made a wonderful stonecutter and dem thar other stonecuters should be ashamed that they kicked the chosen one out.

Anyone need a Falcon 20 Captain??

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