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brand new cfi


stranger to the ground
Dec 3, 2001
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hi everybody just got my initial cfi today from the houston fsdo

any pointers on where to instruct in the houston area

the posts here on the cfi prep s helped out a lot thanks everybody

also all the experienced cfis feel free to pass along some words of wisdom
fly safe
any pointers on where to instruct in the houston area ! who is hiring ? thanks
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Nov 26, 2001
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As my examiner for my first instructor rating said to me after I passed with him, very good-naturedly, you're now just another unemployed flight instructor. ;)

You know the routine. Hit the bricks and spam the universe with your resume. Follow-up and follow-up some more. Print up some business cards.

My instructor used to hustle up business through WINGS seminars. Try that. Along with attending the seminar, people need three hours of instruction, including one hour of airwork, one hour of instruments and one hour of takeoffs and landings to earn their Wings. A lot of these folks have their own airplanes.

Just an idea. Good luck with this new phase of your career.