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Aug 10, 2004
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KC-135 gainers

The following units are gaining aircraft over what they have today (in most cases it is less of a gain from what the DoD proposed). ANG's net number of tankers is about the same, pretty much just a shuffle. AFRES suffered a net loss of tankers. Also, some ANG tanker units went up I suspect because they took planes away from another ANG unit in the state and they may have tried to give those flyers a place to go fly within the state. There may be opportunities in the tanker world due to the increase in crew ratio and that some people may not wish to relocate. It will take a while before some of these plused up units will be able to hire against it. But I'd recommend applying now.

ANG - KC-135

(Also, there is a rumor that AMC will increase the crew ratio which will create more openings, probably when the E-models are retired next year since they will have to cover the same amount of refueling with about 100 fewer planes.)
  • Bangor, ME (+2)
  • Knoxville, TN (+4) - took planes from ANG C-130 unit @ Nashville
  • Topeka, KS (+4) - took planes from ANG KC unit @ McConnell
  • Milwaukee, WI (+3) - took all AFRES C-130's away @ Milwaukee
  • Hickam, HI (+4)
AFRES - KC-135

(same rumor for crew ratio)
  • Tinker, OK (+4)
  • March, CA (+4) - took all 9 planes from ANG KC unit @ March
  • Seymor Johnson, NC (+8)

I can’t comment on the C-130’s, A-10’s and F-15/16’s since I am not familiar with their numbers. I do know that Atlantic City was supposed to get F-15’s but got a couple more F-16’s instead. Someone else have any intel?
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Nov 29, 2001
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Never been stationed there, but I did spend a week there one night!