Boxes of misc parts


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Dec 19, 2005
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Not being familiar with the maintenance side of things figured I would ask this here.

Friend of mine has boxes upon boxes of parts... some are yellow tagged, some are red tagged, some have green? tags on them...

Most of them are from older aircraft - Sabreliners, 727's, some Czech L39 parts, like Nitrogen Bottles, o2 regulators etc, 2 sets of overhauled C-1 through C-5 blades from a JT8D engine(s) from what I saw, some misc radios, old style king looks like a stack from a 400 series cessna with the 2 Com 2 Nav ADF and Transponder all in a horizontal row, UHF radios, saw a starter motor for a 727 APU with a yellow tag.... but most are things I have no idea about, nor know what they do.

Anyways, what can one do with these parts? Go through them one by one with a part number and serial and see if they're worth a crap? Can you sell the cores to someone who overhauls? Will a scrap yard come to your location and give you an offer on anything worthwhile?

Asking because I really have no idea on the parts side of aviation, and the owner of all this stuff just wants to get rid of it.

Thanks for any insight.


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Dec 14, 2001
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It's impossible to determine the condition of the parts or their worth over the internet, of course, but you can't tell anything from a yellow, red, or green tag. These don't mean anything.

Finding the part number and serial number won't tell you the worth, either, as the condition of the part is what's important.

Lacking certification on the parts, their authenticity,and their condition (a yellow tag saying it's overhauled or reconditioned doesn't mean anything)...the effort to recertify the parts or certify their condition may very well cost far more than anything you might get out of it. Best bet to start is to find someone locally to look it over and tell you what you've got.