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Bounce Ride (Fam ride)

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New member
Nov 26, 2001
How many airlines give the pilots a bounce ride. Why do some airlines give bounce rides and others do not?
Here at COEX, we generally get one night of approaches and landings (3 usually) with a check airman and then the following night is a checkride with a company DE or the Feds. I have no idea why some companies do this and others don't. It has something to do with the Feds, the POI, and the training department. Naturally also has to do with the level and certification of the simulator they use.

I agree with Blue, it depends on the sim. At Comair, we do three normal landings with an instructor. It isn't required, as the sim is sufficient for any FO or Captain to start flying right away, but we are told we do it to help people see how the actual aircraft flies before they go into IOE. It doesn't count for anything except flight time, and I don't think anybody ever fails.
I had to do an airplane (15% ride) after completing 9 sim sessions in a level D sim. We had to do 3 approaches and 3 landings.
I assume you had to do a 15% ride because you were an FO who didn't have the ATP requirements met.

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