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Boston Maine Airways??

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06 STL WS Champs
Sep 22, 2005
I just wanted to know how they get guys with 1500 and 100? Seems like everyone else is half that. Just wanted to know why someone would want to fly a J31 that had 15 and 1. Why would they not go somewhere else with 1000 and 1?
no one should be going to that piece of sh%t airline (if you can call it that) anyway. Crap planes, bad management and union busting. Stay far, far away.
My brother got offered a job with BMA, and he had about 500 hours. He turned them down cause he didn't want to move to TTN and take a pay cut (he is an A&P for ABX Air).
How can I learn more about this outfit?

Okay, one strong negative comment about this company... has anyone else got any input on Boston-Maine Airways? Not much info on the website... anybody know routes, domiciles, etc? Looks like they're privately held, are their financials available anywhere?


For those who don't already know, Boston to Maine Airlines is operating under the PanAm name. They are Headquartered in Portsmouth New Hampshire at the old Pease Airforce base. It's about 30-40 minutes south of Portland Maine if you are driving.

They Primarily fly J31's and have a few old clipper 727's on board. From what I understand the 72's are grounded due to the rising cost of fuel. The Jetstreems fly the North East, Maine, Boston, Cape Cod & the Islands. I think they are still doing a Trenton NJ to Bedford MA run that they took over from Shuttle America.

From What I have heard knowing a few people who used to work there, Things are up & down and their stability is questionable. Not really sure if I would recommend anyone to go there, but if you are low time and they are the only place to call you, it might not be a bad idea to get some quick 121 time to help the old log book.

I was at Boston Maine for three years.

They are privately held, no financials. They have a bunch of J-31s that fly out of PSM, BED, and TTN. No more Cape Cod, no more Puerto Rico, etc.

They operate 3 727s mainly on charters. Scheudled service was halted over the Labor Day weekend. They are being investiagted by the the DOT for several reasons, if you go to this site (http://dms.dot.gov/), then type in Docket # 7668, you can read the novel.

They hire, furlough, fire, re hire, furlough, etc. No stability, no schedule, a crappy place to work.

It is possible to go to the 727 from the J-31, but that will be a long wait. There is a furlough list for the 727, most don't come back.

Like Airline Driver said, need a job of last resort, go for it, but keep looking. Gain the experience, don't buy an expensive house on their pay, have a resume handy in case of furlough, watch your six, and enjoy Trenton.

For the Love of God, do not attempt to get employed at BMA.
I send this out as a warning to anybody considering a job there...unless you are looking to totally make your life miserable, stay away.

The higher management....Fink and mini-me....are the spawn of satan!!!

enough said.
Stay Away!!

I Second everything MKMEI and everyone else has said bad about this place. STAY AWAY. It is truly a last resort with that pile F*!k running things, truly satan himself. You've been warned!!!!

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