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BOS aircraft now have truck escort!! hA

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TEB Hilton resident
Nov 25, 2001
Just announced on the news that all freight operations at BOS will have a truck escort to and from the runway.

Now i realize that runway incursions suck but fedex and ups didn't have any in the list the boston herald published yesterday.

I think it's just a cheap way for them to say they are doing something.

Of course what happens if the truck has a runway incursion.
I bet I couldn't even get a job as a follow me truck driver. Probably requires you to be full blooded Irish or Italian with an accent, have a CDL, and swear allegience to the mayor.
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That's competely stupid. I hope they only mean they will have escorts for planes being taxied by mechanics.
Are they going to tie one of those "child leashes" to the plane and the truck as well? Come along Johnny, you can't be driving around out here alone! Oh Johnny, you know your pilot's license doesn't mean anything here.
Why do we have to escort you Johnny? Because, only frieght pilots screw up. The airlines have never, EVER made a mistake here, nor have any of the corporate aircraft...just you guys. No Johnny, this is permanent, especially after we ADD our sixth intersecting runway. Sure, we COULD remove some runways, and redesign the airport, but it's not our fault that BOS is the most confusing place in the world. Now get in line behind me, I don't want you to get lost.
we love mumbles.
The local newspaper up here had an article about BOS and runway incursions...
There have been four since June 9th, the last one was a FedEx plane in tow last week. They somehow towed him onto an active runway (probably 4L) while JetBlue was on a visual approach. This was 1 of 4, the other 3 were all 121 to 121 pax incursions; so who knows why its necessary for cargo planes to have the escort as opposed to 121 pax... things that make you go hmmmm...
In my past experience at Boston, the best cure for 15/22 runway incursions was semi-gridlock. They would be departing 22s, and the waiting line for 22 departures would run all the way down to the terminal and ACROSS 15, so there was no question in the controller's mind that he/she could not do anything on 15.

If it got busy they would even use 15 as a taxiway for 22 departures.

The other bugaboo I observed is when they land 27 and 22 at the same time. Do they still do that?

Then there was the big LAHSO power struggle between ATC and the airlines.

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