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Bored Drunk & In A Hotel

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Jul 10, 2004
What is the most screwed up thing you have witnessed or done while on the road bored and drunk or drinking on the road ???
Read posts by drunk pilots while they are in a hotel on the road.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
I wasn't drunk, but I did toss water balloons out the 18th floor window once.. They were the "soft" balloons so they didn't hurt too much.

Now that I think about it..... I was drunk.
Well there this one time in Mexico with a donkey and a couple of girls...i think you may have heard the story
Does anybody had the old clip of the "Shampoo Spanker" story. By far the funniest thing I have ever read. Told of a man who was lonely and horny in his hotel room and all he had was shampoo to do the nasty with. Anyway, a couple days later, the shampoo showed it's rath and nasty things happened to his sensitive skin down under. Please cut and paste the story if anybody has it.
Look at endless Flightinfo.com threads: Colgan sucks, Pinnacle (MEM and Springdale) suck, career changer advice, ad nauseum. Pretty much what I am doing now after some G&T's in chicago.
One night in Bangkok

Or was it Madrid....

Anyway, we decided it would be fun to try and jump from one person's hotel balcony to his neighbor's when a libation was needed. It looks so easy when the movie stunt men do it. It turned out that the distance between start and finish was a bit greater than originally estimated. The results were predictable - a person wearing a flight suit down around their ankles (don't exactly remember how that came to pass) clinging to a balcony railing by his fingertips screaming bloody murder, while the audience was overwhelmed with laughter. The obvious answer to rectifying the situation was to open the door of the hotel room of which the person was hanging on to the balcony, and assist the poor chap up to safety. Of course the room key was in the pocket of the person dangling. As they say, hilarity ensued for a brief time while we tried to obtain another key from the front desk.

Nobody got hurt, although we all sobered up quickly after we realized how close we had come to someone getting killed. The jumper was sore for a few days, and refused to party with us for the rest of the trip.

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