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Nov 25, 2001
There was a book written about Downeast Airlines, and specifically a crash that occured in 1978 outside Rockland, ME. Anyone know the title of the book? It was blind trust or blind faith... or something a long those lines.

Blind Trust is indeed what you're looking for, John Nance is the author, puiblished in 1986. Amazon wants $40-50 for an old hardcover, at that price I'd try a library.

Also Redefining Airmanship by Tony Kern uses Downeast as a case study to which it frequently refers. Kern's effort is a very heavy human factors text, but only touches on Downeast while Nance's books are more, shall we say, "accesible."

The Downeast story is an interesting one, padlocking curiously damaged aircraft in hangars, etc. There are still some of their pilots floating around the NE, one just went to work at the FSDO.

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try this

Why don't you try a used bookstore? I've gotten a lot of aviation books for wonderful prices. I got Nance's other hardcover,
Splash of Colors (on the demise of Braniff) for about ten dollars, as I recall.

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