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Bonus/Retro pay

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May 28, 2008
Anyone have specifics of how bonus/retro pay was distributed at regionals that have signed TA's in the past??
It seems to me is is usually like 3-9% of your W2 wages for the negotiated length of the bonus, like since the amendable date or some other length of time.
Several years ago XJET negotiated a retro pay package that took Comair payrates and applied those rates backwards.

Comair distributed a signing bonus based upon W-2 wages. Don't remember the year.

ASA used a complicated formula that used a number of different metrics. Looking at that will just give you a headache.
At ASA, there was a magic formula ALPA came up with based on seniortiy, and whether you are a Captain or F/O. It seems the Captains pay was twice that of F/O's pay. Since it was considered a signing bonus, it was taxed 40%!!
People got greedy at ASA. It wasn't pretty. Senior FO's got the shaft. Some senior captains who have never been union members and never paid a DIME in dues got a FAT check!
Retro pay!!! Good Luck!!

Best your going to get is a signing bonus which is all but guanteed to disapoint you. If your a 9e FO less than 1000.00, Captains less than 3,000 which will be taxed at 40%

If anyone thinks your getting retro pay it toally negates the reason your managment took 4 plus years to negoiate your new t/a

On a side note I hope you hit a HOMERUN with this T/A and priced yourselfs right out of a DCI contract in the future...
I agree, no retro will happen.

Oh yeah, lets call it a signing bonus. For some reason a captains "signature" is worth more than an FO's. sometimes 500% more.
From my recollection at ASA
FO's between $300-$3600
CAPT between $5600-$16000+?

I knew senior FO's (48 months) that got $3200 while their buddies junior to them in the first week of upgrade class got a captain share around $5800

Some felt that longevity beyond the contract negotiations time frame should not count....I agree. Some felt that seat position should not count...I also agree. But because our pay rates were not substantially increased at the top end. The union HAD to make the senior guys happy by giving them something.

Try and get a DAILY RATE up to negotiation length. Say $5 for everyday you have been there. You been here 5 months?, here's $750. You been here slogging it out through all negotiations? here's $8200 THAT IS A SIGNING BONUS

The ASA formula looked at seat position, longevity, and how much you got screwed by the new contract. They simply worked it out to piss off the smallest group of people. It was called a signing bonus but was a cheesy version of retro pay.

Oh and by the way everybody in charge of the distribution were captains. I'm sure that was just a coincidence. The union held NO VOTE on the distribution method, but we did vote recently whether we should pay cobra for our pilots on furlough.

PS I'm stating these numbers from memory, so I may be off a little. Or maybe a bunch. I think I purposely killed the brain cells associated with that whole debacle.
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