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Bombardier strike?! CRJ production...

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Mar 6, 2002
02:36 AM EDT Apr 15

MONTREAL (CP) - A strike has been set for Monday morning at the three Montreal-area plants of Bombardier Aerospace and union officials warn it could be a long one.

Workers endorsed the walkout by a resounding margin of 91.5 per cent in vote results announced Saturday. The employees rejected management's latest contract offer by a margin of 60.3 per cent earlier in the day. The company employs 7,400 workers at its three plants and 6,072 voted on the contract offer, while 5,236 stuck around for the strike vote.

The walkout will begin at 6 a.m. Monday.


crap...so much for that comair class date in june.

Skywest, Comair, ACA, ASA, Mesa, AirWis....all of these will be seriously affected if this lasts very long.
can't catch a break

talk about your bad morning. Kinda wish I never got online today. Oh well, from what it sounds like the union leader might have thought he had a good contract but things never panned out?

I read my info from the Montreal Gizette. Where was your source? Did it say anything about how long this could last?

With any luck it'll be a couple of weeks or less. With all these huge jet orders from the above mentioned airlines management may give in otherwise they may be losing more money than they would if they just gave them the 5% pay increase. But I'm not a union guy or an owner of a business management degree so I don't know so much.

As long as the ends justify the means and we all end up in a class sooner or later I'll be happy. Maybe now I'll get to play in the annual summer baseball league. Wooden bat baby.yeah!
I hear ya. I don't expect this will last long considering all the standing orders. I'll chip in for their pay raise ;-)

I found that news snippet online last night....It was off of yahoo and was a wire from the Canadian Press I believe.
Type "Bombardier strike" in your browser. I did that and found articles from the CBC, CAW (Canadian Auto Workers) and Reuters.

The parties bargained until the Bombardier workers walked off the job at 1000 this morning. It seems there were two 24-hour slowdowns within the previous 45 days. I thought the Comair announcement about slowdowns was a smoke-screen. I wonder if Comair will start looking at any ex-Midway CL-65s, if available.

Fly safe!
Slim said:
Type "Bombardier strike" in your browser. I did that and found articles from the CBC, CAW (Canadian Auto Workers) and Reuters.

I wonder if Comair will start looking at any ex-Midway CL-65s, if available.

Fly safe!
If so , the checkbook had better be opening rather quickly. Of the 24 MIDWAY had, there are only 10 of them left sitting in CKB. The other 14 have already been moved along elsewhere or are in the process of as we speak.
I'm scheduled to go to Comair within the first 2 or 3 classes coming up (hopefully still in June)...I may even sneak into the first class if enough military guys are still on active duty..

I am curious as to whether or not Bombardier was able to pump out a few CRJ's to Comair so that there are atleast a few newhire class in May/June?
anybody have any inside info?
not looking good

Comair has hired 150 since 9/11 and received only 3 aircraft so far, we are really fat on FO's can't imagine they would start a new class until we receive a few more aircraft.
new hires...

not that it matters much, but i put the number closer to 200 new-hires. the most junior of the 86ers in the 120 is s/n 1234, and the may crj bid packet goes to s/n 1435, which comes out to 201 new pilots since the 86ers came back to work in late august (2 newbies went to the 120). not sure how many we hired between the 86ers coming back and 9/11, but it can't be much.

regardless, it will be interesting to see how this pans out with the current situation at bombardier, and what effect, if any, this will have on the brasilia situation in orlando. there are currently 48 120 f/o's in mco waiting (some reluctantly) to go the jet...
I know this is news no one wants to hear, but it's what I could find.

According to a report in ATW's daily news briefs, there are no talks scheduled in the Bombardier strike. That's consistent with Bombardier statements to the Toronto Globe & Mail and the CBC. They say it won't take long, perhaps two weeks, to get the production line running at full capacity once operations resume.

Some of the workers expressed concerns that the longer this strike drags out, some will return to work across the picket lines. The union(s) say they will talk when management shows a willingness to do so. The issues appear to be (in no order) early retirement, pay and duration of the contract.

The strike authorization vote was at 91.5%. It seems the workers are pretty POed. Apparently, the deHavilland (sp?) division employees received a better contract last summer than what was offered to the jet division employees.

Comair has been silent, thus far, about how deliveries will be affected.


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