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Boeing to Beijing?

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I can see Mr. Boeing turning over in his grave. This guy is nuts. Hopefully there are some people with influence that will kill this if it gets serious.
I can see, and feel from a nationalistic point of view, how moving such a great American company like Boeing to China, would be distastful to so many. I think what would be more realistic is what Airbus is doing now, and MD did years ago with the MD80. Give the Chinese the tooling to make a variant of the 73 for instance. Then at future dates give them the ability after proving themselves on the 73, other aircraft to build. Airbus has built it's first Chinese built A320 in country. It is currently flying for the domestic airline that I fly for here in Chengdu.

I am sure that CEO Jim McNerney is looking at this from a business standpoint, as something good for Boeing, and, it's shareholders. Airbus see's the opportunity as does Boeing, about the potential number of aircraft orders and sales in a country like China. It's huge. Something you have to grasp is the number of people in this country and the growth potential of the airline business as more and more Chinese, everyday, become capable of purchasing an airline ticket as there disposable income rises. The size of China is roughly the same as the U.S. with 6 times as many people and only a commercial aircraft fleet of say, a Continental Airlines, to fly all those people around. Think about that. The growth that is coming on here in China is probably what it was like in the late '40's through the '80's in the U.S. This growth, or, maturity, will probably occur in half of that time frame it did in the U.S. here in China. Boeing wants and needs to be a part of that growth. It can't be ignored.
More proof that corporate management only cares about their short term goals of profit at any cost.

Every time the words shareholder value is used, I have to throw up in my mouth a little. What they really mean is it's good for management's bonuses and golden parachutes. The US public has got to wake up soon and realize that everything their parents worked for is being sold down the river just to line the pockets of a few.

Boeing's CEO wants to tap into the Chinese market? Seems to me that they can do that designing and building airplanes from here just as well. After all, the product Boeing makes is actually intended to be easily movable from continent to continent. The only reason he wants to move the company to China is so that he can profit from the lower labor and environmental costs. He could care less about the future of the US. He got his and that's all that matters to these folks!
If Boeing moves to China, the U.S. government should immediately cancel every contract with Boeing. Not feasable I know, but having a Chinese based company be a major supplier to the United State military?
Is this really how we are going to get our "news"? From blogs? I could have written that, and you all choose to read it as if it is going to happen.

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