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Boeing empennage question

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Oct 1, 2002
a buddy of mine flies for AWA. he's talking to this guy who says he's a boeing engineer. he, said engineer, made a couple of claims that made me throw up a b.s. flag. the 'engineer' says boeing assembles some tail sections for the 737-700 in russia and that they had some probs with getting tails delivered with bad corrosion, so bad that a couple had actually seperated from the a/c. not in flt but on the ground.

seems like if this was true we'd have heard something about it. but then again maybe we did and it was i that didn't. is anyone else familiar with anything to do with this? thanks.
actually we are VEM (Brazil) do not work with the 737-700, but i doubt a serious company like Boeing would have that kind of problem without sending out a Service Bulletin to warn us about it.
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