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Blueridge CRJ @ TEB

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Active member
Dec 24, 2001
Was over in TEB yeterday and noticed a CRJ that came in twice with the callsign of 'Blueridge'. Just wondering if ACA or ASA (Not sure which one goes by that name) is operating some kind of charter operation in that AC.
I have noticed that to a TEB, all "airline" markings are gone, but in little letters on the side it says operated by atlantic coast airways?? I think

I cant imagine that anyone would buy it from them and turn it to a corporate configuration, but then again, when you have money to burn...why not?

It's ACA's...

The CRJ that you've seen in TEB is indeed ACA's. We began a corporate shuttle operation from IAD to TEB for America Online several months ago. It is configured just like all of our other 50 pax CRJ's.
So you mean ACA is take jobs away from corprate pilots. What an outrage. And the flying is being done by pilots who are being paid less than they would if the worked for a corprate fight department. Shame on them

Opps, sorry I guess I've been reading too many other threads:D :D

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