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Blue Streak and JetBlue

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Need a room check?
Aug 16, 2003
Have any of you seen that new book out in the bookstores about Jet Blue? It has a picture of the Airbus climbing against a blue sky in the background . . .

. . . but the title of the book is "Blue Streak." Since this is the PSA radio callsign, is there some secret connection here between the two companies that I was never aware of, or was this a total coincidence?
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You havent heard? we have a flow through agreement with JB. It works like this. We toss in a resume and if we know someone there who has the blue dart we get interviewed.
My aunt got me the book for xmas last year. I read the first 30 pages then put it down for months, read alittle more, then put it down again.....

haven't finished it yet. So far some of its interesting, some is not so interesting and some is middle of the road.

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