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BK Court OK's Aircraft Sales (EMB-120's)

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Oct 4, 2005
NEW YORK - A U.S. bankruptcy court judge on Tuesday approved Delta Air Lines Inc.'s request to sell some of its airplanes and to reject an Atlanta office lease.
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Judge Prudence Carter Beatty said she would allow Delta to sell an undisclosed number of aircraft including include Boeing 737, Embraer 120 and Boeing 767 models. It was not evident whether Delta already has a buyer for the aircraft or how much it might get for them. No details were disclosed on the office lease.
The ruling came as Delta management and its pilots union prepared to present their cases in a fourth day of hearings devoted to Delta's motion to reject their bargaining agreement, a move the airline it says it needs to successfully emerge from bankrutpcy.
Atlanta-based Delta, which filed for Chapter 11 on Sept. 14, has about 50,000 employees of which some 6,000 are pilots. It is looking for $3 billion in annual cost savings overall.
Delta wants $325 million in concessions from the pilots, saying it needs to cut labor costs to make itself competitive with other carriers who operate at a lower cost.
The Air Line Pilots Association, the union representing the pilots, has offered $90.7 million in concessions and has threatened a strike if the court grants Delta's request. Delta maintains such a walkout would violate the Railway Labor Act.
On Monday, Delta Chief Financial Officer Edward Bastian said the cuts were needed to keep the airline alive. Delta lost $2.6 billion in the first nine months of this year.
Asked if Delta had considered the possibility of a strike by its pilots, Bastian said Monday a strike "would be devastating."
If the court approves Delta's proposed cuts, they would be on top of $1 billion in annual concessions the pilots agreed to in a five-year deal reached in 2004. That deal included a 32.5 percent pay cut and has been held up by the union as a sign of their willingness to negotiate.

I didn't know Delta had Brasilia's and I thought Comair got rid of theirs long ago. I don't know, am I missing something. What does this mean for the whole industry. Just interesting!
while that is a good rumor in the making let me just put some fact on it. ASA still has about 12-14 Brasilias sitting in Hot Springs, Arkansas that Delta owns. These are what's left from the old ASA fleet and are yet to be sold as a whole unit or for parts.

Those are the E120's they are referring to. ASA has kept its E120 fleet "flyable" by running them weekly and so forth while looking for buyers. Comair, asaik, hasn't cracked the door on theirs since they were parked.
Delta retained all of the Brasilias and the 4 ATRs that were owned when they sold us to SkyWest.

We currently lease the 4 ATRs from Delta.

Who knows what will happen after Jan 07.

Delta owned E120


Looked up on www.landings.com database shows

N-number : N286ASAircraft Serial Number : 120.268
Aircraft Manufacturer : EMBRAER
Model : EMB-120ER
Engine Manufacturer : P&W CANADA
Model : PW118B
Aircraft Year : 1992
Owner Address : C/O RICK HOY
ATLANTA, GA, 30320
Type of Owner : Corporation
Registration Date : 15-Sep-2005
Airworthiness Certificate Type : Standard
Approved Operations : Transport
Delta owned E120

I started a simple search by looking at www.airlines.net looked up ASA planes and started a N# search on www.landings.com Not hard to imagine DAL owning E120's, they owned ASA. They did not sell the E120's to SKYW when they bought ASA.
I think not only Delta should strike but every pilot at every airline should strike to send the message that we wont put up with this $hit. Every time they lose money, "lets take it from the pilots." If they don't thats like a 50% pay cut, counting both cuts. Damn. I hope they do strike and the airline goes bankrupt. If so, it may send a message that we won't put up with this treatment.
I'm not surprised that Delta owned Brasilias, I'm just surprised that they still own Brasilias. With all their financial trouble why didn't Delta consider selling off these steadily depreciating assets years ago?
Bluto said:
I'm not surprised that Delta owned Brasilias, I'm just surprised that they still own Brasilias. With all their financial trouble why didn't Delta consider selling off these steadily depreciating assets years ago?

Well, you know, I'm sure they tried. I can't imagine there's much of a market for these things. Every so often I see an ex-ASA E120 parked somewhere, so they've been selling them.
E120 Market

NASCAR Air Force, Richard Childress Racing has at least 2 Old CoEx E120's. I'm sure that there are more Teams that have E120's. That and freight haulers, cheaper than a low time BE200 or BE1900. E120's will haul more and faster. Why DAL didn't sell them off is anyone's guess. Probably not on the top priority list.

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