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Bill Jackson with ASA

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Jul 3, 2002
I've not talked with him for a while and his e-mail address has changed. Can someone PM me and let me know what it is?

You can't be serious. :rolleyes:
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I can't be serious? Why not? If you had Bill's e-mail address but thought you needed to play secret agent man then you could ask me for mine and e-mail Bill and say something like, "Bill, this is *@@@*VV*(*@#$$$$(@)!!* I have a code 46785 stroke 21 on flightinfo.com. I know were not supposed to discuss matters of such delicacy on open channel but theres a guy who knows you but has lost your e-mail address. Here is his e-mail address could you please drop him a line so he has the new one.

Or you could do this:

Go outside and find someones car that is parked in their driveway (I'm sure yours is in the garage you stealthy boy you!) Then get about 50 ft away facing the doors of the car so that you have the biggest target. Then bend over and run as fast as you can and ram your head into the side of the car. If that doesn't work then PM me and I'll give you your next set of instructions.

Oh, I almost forget checkessential,

eve·ry·bod·y Pronunciation Key (vr-bd, -bd)
Every person; everyone.

That means you. If your going to try and be cute and slam someone try not to include yourself in the statement. It just isn't nearly as funny that way.

I could not figure out why you wanted Bill's address, but after that last post its obvious you are about as ignorant as him. The olny question is.......nahhh to easy.:D

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