Big Sky and Lakes pilots.....


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Dec 1, 2001
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First off, what's Lakes doing? They pull all of their pilots off furlough yet? You guys still have that mail contract out of BIL? Any hiring going on at all on the pax or cargo side?

Second, anyone out there at Big Sky right now? How are they doing? They are quiet, but productive apparently. Got a friend of mine who is trying to get on there. Says on the Big Sky website they are not hiring right now, but are accepting resumes. Anyone know when they'll be hiring again? Thanks in advance....


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Nov 28, 2001
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I don't know about Lakes, but Big Sky is ok.
My former instructor is a captain there, and he said
that things are getting a little crazy there but nothing
big. Probably management trying to screw with them. I am
trying to get an interview there. He said rumor has it that they
will be interviewing for a march or april class. 8 pilots is all. The
bad thing with me is that with only a little over 1000 hours and 150 multi I have no chance. He walked my resume in and wrote a letter of recommendation for me as well. He said that there are over 70 resumes with recommendation letters. Sounds like things may be getting good there but I won't lose any sleep waiting for the phone to ring either.


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Feb 9, 2002
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I am a captain at lakes and I believe most of our furloughed pilots have been called back. Rumor is to start hiring in May or so. Upgrade classes starting this month. Management has really dragged its feet on staffing--captains and f/o's are being junior manned all the time no matter what your seniority is. Anyway, hope this helps.