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Bfr -or- Not...????

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Quick question-
a few conflicting answers regarding BFR's....
It is a safe assumption to make that the CFI check ride does not count as a BFR- OK ..... Does a part 135 SIC check ride every 12 months count as a BFR then IF the 135 check airman does not hold a CFI ticket?- I have heard "yes" and also "no" and a few have said ONLY the 135 PIC check counts as the BFR regardless IF it is "noted" in the pilots logbook or not SINCE the company is "checking" the pilots skills, prof, INST skills, etc....regs really don't elaborate.....
had conflicting answers and seems like everyone has a different opinion, etc, etc, etc,.......

Annual ride as BFR

Put my vote in the "yes" column.

14 CFR 61.56 sets forth the rules on flight reviews. Specifically, 14 CFR 61.56(d) states the following:

A person who has, within the period specified in paragraph (c) of this section, passed a pilot proficiency check conducted by an examiner, an approved pilot check airman, or a U.S. Armed Force, for a pilot certificate, rating, or operating privilege need not accomplish the flight review required by this section. (emphasis added to original)

Your SIC check would be a pilot proficiency check. Your company check airman would be considered to be an approved pilot check airman as stated in the reg. Therefore, if you pass a 135 SIC check you need not accomplish the flight review.
Bobby is correct. If you work for a 135 or 121 airline with annual proficiency checks, you are not required to get a BFR. If you were, then the airline would have to give you one. Otherwise, you couldnt fly anything. Hope this helps.
THX- once again I appreciate the response- I guess I was incorrectly "assuming" that a "flight review" must be noted in the log book which I guess is not the case BUT a few of our pilots have said the SIC check would not count - thx for the clarification-

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