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Best XMas Lights EVER

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I don't know whose house it is, but the band is Trans Siberian Orchestra. They tour every Christmas time and their concerts are mindblowing. Especially in the front row.
Is that Clark W. Griswolds house? After watching the video it reminded me of the movie "Christmas Vacation" w/ Chevy Chase. I can just see the Yuppy neighbors getting pissed about the bright lights and the towns' power grid going dark because of the high draw of Clarks 75,000 twinkle bulbs. Ahh, a classic that must be watched once a year this time a year.
Reminds me of the fountains at the Bellagio. How did this make it on the Regional section. Must be some pilot on reserve like me with that sort of time to put such an elaborate light show togeather.
That was pretty damn cool. Can't wait for the TSA to say that the house owner was trying to blind approaching aircraft..and throw his ass in the slammer where he belongs! Hahahahahahahha. :)

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