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Best value type

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Active member
Mar 22, 2004
Ok kids, i'm looking for the BEST value type rating (available jobs, COST etc.) I have been laid off for SEVERAL months now from a fractional and need to get back into the air. I see several jobs posted on the usual sites but looking for some advise i guess.
how 'bout the 757...u normally get a 767 with it

2 for 1
The CE-525 & CE-500 types are very nice to have if you want to go corporate. You can get them for about 5-7K from lower priced schools - (not FlightSafety, SimCom, etc). Each of those types allows you to fly multiple series and both are popular jets!
The 737 type will open many doors simply based on the fact that the 737 is the most popular airliner made. There are more 737's flying across the world than any other airliner. But, that is only useful if you are targeting the airlines. However, a Citation rating will get you employed faster than the 737 type because you will not need as much flight time to be considered for employment.
If you've been laid off or furloughed, check to see if your state offers a WIA program- many states will actually pay for your type rating.

Check the local unemployment office for information.
HS-125 is a good type to have. LR-Jet isn't a bad one either.
It's always the type you don't have, or the experience you don't have, or the time you don't have, that doesn't get you the job that you want.

Go get a type rating, and you'll lack the experience and time in type. Go waste your money on a little time in type, and you'll be competing with people having considerably more time in type...your type rating and the time that goes with it will be but a drop in the bucket and hardly competitive.

Go get that 737 type. You'll be competing with a massive pool of pilots with 737 types, many with substantial experience. The only problem is that only a handfull of places expect you to come on board with a type rating...especially B737 operators. The rest pay you to go get your type, and your arriving having a type rating won't help your chances at all.

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