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Best post Xmas present....

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New member
Dec 3, 2001
I 've been blessed.
...just received a call from EJA offering me with a classdate.
Either Citation VII, or X with class date of Jan or Mar, respectably.
Can any EJA pilot help me choose right airplane for the first 2 year with the company?
Thanks in advance.


the choice, for me, would be easy. the "X". it's new, fast, has full efis w/eicas and it's just a blast to fly. put about 800 hours in them several years ago when we first started getting them. couple of disadvantages - one of our most popular planes, flies alot. also, has 3000nm or 6hrs range. can (and does) east coast - west coast - east coast in a single duty period. or west coast to hawaii and back is also possible - can be long days doing that.

the VII is a nice airplane, but it's old technology - from the 70's and 80's. plane is broke alot. good choice if you don't want to fly much. doesn't have nearly as much range - 3-4 hours if i remember - haven't flown it since 89-90 when we had the citation iii's back then.
One more thing to consider....

First off, welcome aboard...EJA is a good company, and I'm glad things
have worked out for you.

From looking at your profile, I'm assuming that you were (or are) a
former airline driver. If you were, then you understand the importance
of senority. EJA is currently hiring 75+ pilots a month. Do you really want
150 people ahead of you on the pilot roster? I'd take the first class in
ANY equipment that the company offers me, even if it's a Wilga!
Excepting the Boeing, we all make the same pay here, so go for the
senority number. (My 2 centavos)

For what it's worth, I fly the VII and it's a great airplane.

Good luck, and again...welcome.
Congrats on the getting the call! I too recieved the good call and got the airplane I wanted....the 2000!!! Indoc in March, 2000 school in April.

I had the "any aircraft" stamped on my post interview application and had the choice of the VII, Excel, X or 2000. Being a current 2000 pilot, the choice was easy.

Can't wait to come aboard!


Congrats!!!! You will be impressed by EJA.

I was offered the Ultra in Dec. or Hawker in Jan. Due to the seniority thing I chose the Ultra. Being former airline, I too understand the importance of getting that number as soon as possible plus I don't have the "big airplane syndrome" anymore.

See ya on line,

I was just curious as to when you all interviewed. I just had a EJA interview on the 20th and 21. How long did it take to get an answer, and how many of the people interviewed got the job?
I interviewed 12/13-14 and got an offer 12/26. Don't know if thats fast, slow or normal though.

Good luck!!!


Congrats to everyone who is EJ bound. I have an interview on 17 Jan in ATL. This will be my first interview in about 9 years. What can anyone tell me of the process they went through this month. I understand they might have changed the process around. I did the profile via the computer. What would you recommended to study etc. I am hoping if selected, for the X or 2000. Thanks in advance for the help.:)

Know the following: Part 91 and Part 135 WX and mins., how to
brief a Jepp. approach plate, general Part 91 and 135 operating regs.,
and remember, EJA is real big on customer service. Be upbeat, cheerful,
and honest. Good luck!

(This is the OLD interview information.)

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