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Big Dog

Well-known member
Oct 1, 2003
I'm searching for some good job boards, for real jobs actually in the US mind you and not recycled jobs. I'm now on climbto350.com, so I will pay for a good board. Any others? Success stories? Discuss...
bizjetjobs.com seems to be one of the top 5. there are others but they DO require a large amount of paperwork to activate!
The only job I ever got off a job site is a banner towing job years ago. How many times have I applied to a "job posting" and get replies like, "We have not been hiring for a while. Where did you get the idea we were"? Good luck on your job search.
Try jsfirm.com, there the potential employers purchase the ads. Pilots looking for job visit for free. The jobs are real. 350 the pilots pay for the access so it seems they have a lot of older, strange jobs on that site. I found when I posted on 350 I would 150 resume the first day, many responders not even knowing who they had send a resume to.
I've gotten hired three times off climbto350 although in better times. Right now all they have are foreign jobs mostly. Its the only site I pay for right now, everything else I go to is free and sometimes old although I've gotten a few "no thanks at this time" from uspilot.com job postings so its reaching some one in the hiring dept.
I agree with nolife. I got my current job off 350.com typed and current helped in this job market. Lots over seas and very competitive. Good luck!
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