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Best Guard Fighter Units???

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Well-known member
Mar 13, 2002
Hey guys,

Seems like this board is a lot better than studentpilot.net!

I'm an enlisted Guard dude who's about to send out a fistfull of packages to Guard units for this summers' UPT boards. Seems like there's a lot of Guard fighter pilot-types here, so what units do you guys think are SH? Specifically, the 15 and 16 units.


SH guard units

Whichever one offers you a slot!:D
Seriously, there are so many good units out there (sts), I think you'd be hard pressed to find a bad one.

Any word-of-mouth about "this is a good place" or "this is a bad place" is bound to be untrue by the time you join them because of changes in leadership or personnel.

Try Northern tier units. They are most likely to need pilots. Start with the units that have alert. Many units are finding their alert commitments increasing. Ours certainly has, but we already had our board.

Good luck!

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