Best Denver Flight School to Work At


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Jul 14, 2003
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Experienced CFI here; I have moved on to another career, but still can't get the flying daydreams out of my head, and have been thinking I would like to get back into instructing on a very part-time basis (like one or two students, plus the occasional BFR or IPC). So I would like to find a flight school in the Denver area with well-maintained aircraft, happy students and instructors, and overall just a commitment to excellence and safety, but also a friendly, relaxed environment where people like to sit around in comfortable chairs and tell hangar lies when the weather is bad. I am not in a huge hurry; I was thinking I would buy a checkout and maybe a G1000 course to feel the place out somewhat, and I imagine I could scare up my own students if necessary - I am much more interested in finding a good place to work than one that needs a CFI right away. So if anyone has pointers on flight schools in the area with a good reputation, I would greatly appreciate it! Or on places to avoid for that matter.