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Best Corporate Type rating to get?

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I think I read this same question recently here or maybe another board. If I remember correctly almost everyone said either

a) don't buy one ... let the company hire, train, and type you; because the type without hours isn't a biggie with CPs;

b) CE500 type ... you can't hardly swing a dead cat without hitting a Citation at most of the larger FBO I've flown into; I'll bet Cessna's sold hundreds (each?) of the 500s, 501s, and 550s.

It seems there are quite a few 20-series Lears, too, though. I dunno ...

'Wannabe Corp Geek'
Snakum said:

a) don't buy one ... let the company hire, train, and type you; because the type without hours isn't a biggie with CPs

I agree with the above, BUT if you have the burning desire to spend your own money I would definately recommend a Citation (CE-500) Type or a Lear Jet (LR-JET) Type...

The Citation Type covers the Citation 500, I, II and V (plus their varients except single pilot versions) which is a LOT of aircraft...

The Lear Type covers the 20 Series, 30 Series and 50 Series Lears, which is a LOT of aircraft also!
Buying your own type? Why would you want to do something like that?

There are three primary kinds of employment in corporate:

1) Contract- this is where the owner or operator would rather pay a daily rate to use a pilot when they are needed. No benefits, no training, and probably not much maintenance going on, either . . . occaisionally a good company needs some outside help, but what I am referring to here is the Lear sitting in the back of the hangar that flys a few times a week and leaks fuel on the hangar floor the rest.

2) Operators- and I do mean "operators"- these are usually operate the smaller Learjet or Citation or Beechjet etc . . . they usually pay mid $20's-$30's for F/O's (and always promise to upgrade you, but seldom do so) and pay mid $30's-$50K fo captains. Usually not much benefits, no schedule, and not the best working conditions.

3) Quality flight departments- These hire pilots, and usually don't care if you are typed in their equipment or not. They have already budgeted for their annual training costs, and they normally want you to fly SIC or Co-captain for a while to become familiarized with their procedures and operation anyway.

If you buy a type, you will not be able to be a contract PIC without substantial time in type, so that money is wasted.

If you buy a type, then you still can't hire on as a PIC with Operator without time in type. You will be considered a top candidate for an SIC job, but that means that you have just made yourself more attractive to the bottom-feeders! They see you have already spent a bunch of money to get a job, so they will continue to take advantage of you.

If you buy a type, a quality flight department will also wonder why you took it upon yourself to do so- many pilots at top companies are very sensitive to pilots who appear to be offering to shift the burden of training costs from the employer to themselves.

The only reason I would consider getting a type would be if I were getting an ATP- then I would consider spending the extra couple thousand, maybe with that guy out of Carlsbad, CA .

Good luck
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