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Mar 11, 2002
What type of benefits do you recieve in your job. (I.E. Scheduled time off, pension, retirement, stock options etc). Just wondering what the norms are these days.
Health insurance, Life insurance, Dental insurance, Pension, 401k (with match), Discounted Stock Purchase Plan, Paid Vacation, Scheduled days off, Cell Phone, Credit Union...

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head...
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Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Loss of License, 401K w/match, retirement, car, vacation, cell phone, laptop.
...free use of company Bonanza...
Usually pretty good!

Most benefits packages at corporate jobs are pretty good ... since they're often the same bennies offered to other company employees, including many of the higher-ups. At many corporate ops (including mine), the flight department reports DIRECTLY to the CEO.

Our company offers above-industry-average salaries in a fairly low cost-of-living town. We have Medical, Dental, Pension, 401(k) with company match, life insurance (4x salary), STD, LTD (all company funded), vacation (2 weeks a year to start!), FSA, paid holidays, FMLA, paid jury duty leave, educational assistance, and credit union benefits.

On the down side, as a small department we don't have scheduled days off. Company provides a pager and offers a discount cellular phone program. We don't have stock options or profit sharing, unfortunately. If there is no trip scheduled by 1700 on Friday, I am released for the weekend. Company sends us to recurrent twice a year, and pays for excellent maintenance & they listen to us about new equipment for the airplane. Company pays for our medicals every year, buys our uniforms, and pays for their dry cleaning. We expense everything on the road, and always stay in nice hotels, eat at good restaurants, and rent a car if we need one. Since the company has had the current airplane, we've never missed a year going down to the Bahamas, and we often get multi-day layovers in Nassau, Key West, and Hilton Head. We see a fair amount of Florida, New York, the Caribbean, and DC from time to time. I can keep all my AmEx points, FF miles, and hotel points.

Fairly long-winded, I realize, but hope it gives you a pretty good idea of what's out there. I interviewed for another corporate job (on a jet) a few months back, and they had a slightly better pay/benefit package than I have now! So, the offerings at good companies are pretty darn good.

Fly safe!


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