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Beechjet jobs?

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Nov 11, 2003
Hoping to get some insight and advice...

I am a low time pilot (~1000/100) but have had the good fortune to train at FSI for a Beechjet 400A 61.55 endorsement, and I have 50 hours in type. I was wondering what the prospects are out there for somebody with my general (in)experience to get a job as an SIC in this type or similar aircraft. What typical qualifications do small operators look for in an SIC, or do they typically fly with well-qualified co-captains?

Thanks for the help!
Already having been to school is a big deal, that's good. Are you a right seater at Simuflite or something? Anyway, the school is good, but it'll be REALLY tough, if not impossible to get insured with your times, even with school. You need more multi, more total, and an ATP. If you had an ATP you might could talk an insurance company into naming you, but without one, it'll be real tough. But having that training is AWESOME! My advice, get some kind of instructing, banner towing, whatever job you can fly your living motherf-cking a$$ off and get an ATP as fast as you possibly can. Soon as you hit the mins, take the ride, get it done. The faster the better. You can find a Beechjet SIC job with 1500 hours, ATP, and school. But.....get it FAST! Fly 120 hours a month if you can. That way you'll stay current with your BE400 training. If a company can pick you up, without having to spend money to send you to school, that makes you a valuable commodity. In the meantime, while you're building time, send out a resume to ANYONE who farts a Beechjet. Especially while you're current. And in big fat bold lettering, write BEECHJET 400 SIM CURRENT (FLIGHTSAFETY OR WHATEVER), APPROX 50 HOURS IN TYPE. Keep building time, though. Fast. The more total time you get, the faster you can upgrade. If you get a Beechjet job now, at 1000 hours, and fly 250 hours a year, (typical corporate), you're looking at a minimum of about 6 to 8 years before you have a shot at the left seat due to very low total time.

Good luck!
Good luck Paul, although probably not going to happen as those before you have found nothing. It is useless.
try jetlinks in Omaha, Ne. They operate beechjets/diamonds.

There is an outfit near San Antonio TX (New Braunfels)with a couple of Beech Jets. It is called Air Medical. Check them out, I hear they are hiring for Air ambulance positions.