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Beechjet Flight Plan Profile

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ERAU Pilot

Apr 23, 2002
Does anyone have a good flight planning profile that I could put into fltplan.com that accurately depicts Beechjet 400A performance? The one that is already in there is pretty off in my experience. Thanks for any help.
I agree, fltplan is great, but sometimes the perf. numbers are kind of off. When I fly the CE-550, sometimes it'll file me at 375 knots true. HAAHAHAHAAHA!!!!! On a REALLY GOOD day, I might get 360. Maybe. And when I fly the Encore, it'll file me at something like 390 or so when I get in the 40's, when the airplane will do 420 or 430 all day long. Hell, you have to pull the power back on cool days to keep the darn thing off of MMO.
Beechjet DUATS profile

Climb: 250 (1500 fpm)
Cruise: 430
Descent: 350 (1500 fpm)

Fuel burn
First hour: 1500 pph
Second hour: 1200 pph
Third hour: 1100 pph

As I recall, these are fairly conservative numbers, but seemed to be pretty accurate when I was flying a 400A.

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