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Beech 1900 type question

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V-Dub for Life
May 20, 2003
Are there any companies out there 121,135, or 91 that train pilots with a SIC Only type rating? I'm wondering what good a sic type rating is.
The SIC type is a new thing that the FAA is doing in order to make us more ICAO friendly. Most ICAO countries say that both pilots need to by type rated in an aircraft the requires a type rating (or something like that) so if you need to fly in international airspace then you would need the SIC type. I think that Commutair flies to some places in Canada so I guess if you went there you would get your SIC type. (The company I work for has a few different types of A/C and only the A/C type that goes to the Canadian destinations made the F/Os get the SIC type). As far as how valuable the thing is...who knows, casue its only been out for a few months if that and I'm not totally sure if everyone knows who even needs them.
Ah, that would certainly eplain it. I just thought it funny to have a SIC type rating for a plane that is certified be flown single pilot.

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