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Beech 1900 D system ?

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No, it doesn't do that... There is a switch on the transponder itself that toggles between #1 and #2.
believe it toggles the transponder between the captains and Fo's altimeter
If you have Tcas, I think you can remove it and then operate the transponder via the over-ride since there are some shared components. It has been awhile so don't quote me.
From my understanding, the norm/override switch was for ground ops when they are using surface movement radar. It was to help identify your location. It's been awhile since I've flown the airplane, but I think that is what I remembered. (Then again, maybe the checkairmen were just blowing smoke up my backside...)
If my memory serves me correctly, 1800RVR is right.

With the switch in the Normal position, the transponder only emits a signal in flight. In Override, it emits a continuous signal in flight AND on the ground.

You are correct. I got an e-mail from a FlightSafety Beech guru and that's exactly what he said. The normal position will put the transponder in standy-by with weight on wheels.

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