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My Glock is bigger!!!!!
Nov 25, 2001
I was checking a flight tracking and noticed a few planes with a BE60 for the type of aircraft. Anyone know what type of plane that was I never seen BE60 before. I'm assuming it's some kind of Beech product.
A BE-60 is a Duke
IMO - the Duke is the best looking light twin out there. Never met anyone that flies them, though. I wonder if they fly as well as they look...

It's on my list of planes to fly one day.
If its anything like the Baron its a real mover.

I have about 250 hours in the Duke. A real nice one with all the mods, winglets, vg's, panel, etc. I have also acrued time in all the 400 series Cessna, Piper Pig-Navajo and Mojave, and Aerostars.

The Duke is a piece of junk!!!

Small cabin, noisy, and terrible performance. I'd take anything else in it's class first including the P-Baron.

My opinion, hope I never have to fly one again!

A duke looks like it's does 300 knots on the ground but it actually flies like a very heavy baron. The props are almost as big as the cowling. It takes alot of runway and has a very heavy feel on the controls even more than a P-baron. It climbs slow but cruises ok at altitude but takes alot of maintence to keep it in the air. It is fun to fly but i still prefer a good 58 baron.


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