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BBQ in Greensboro/High Point, NC

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Nov 17, 2003
I'll be going to Greensboro/High Point a couple of times over the next several weeks and wonder if anyone here knows of great BBQ to be had there?

We have The Smokehouse here in Gainesville, Ga that just shouldn't be missed if you're passing through...but without local knowledge you'd never find it.

Gotta' be a place like that up there, anyone?
I love Carolina BBQ, one place I've always gone is Smithfield's. It's more like fast food joint but the BBQ is great. Don't know if there's one in Greensboro/Highpoint though. If you have time to venture out there is a place in Burlington called Hersey's. I think it's more of a sit down place. Again great BBQ. Hope that helps a little bit.
Smokey Joes in Lexington, NC. Its not too far outside of Greensboro.

By far the best BBQ Ive had anywhere.

We always fly to EXX and get the courtesy car. They sell it by the pound if you want to take some back with you. There are several others long that same road they are located on but IMO none can compete.

Hop over to Stamey's. Its over by the coliseum. Stamey's has been there since the 30's (at least I think so).

Or if you are in Lexington, try a place called Lexington BBQ.
The Stamey's by the Coloseum is by far, the best. If it's too crowded there, wait. If it's too long there's another Stamey's on Battleground/US220. Damn good bbq.

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