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Nov 26, 2001
It will take some legwork (or finger work) but go to airliners.net. Search for BBJ's. Get the tail numbers. Go to Landings.com, search the FAA database on tail numbers.

I talked to a pilot for Boeing the other day and he said there is something like 35 flying and somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60 sold. BBJ2 in development and BBJ3 (B757) under study.

I know Boeing has 2 (one based in SEA, the other in Chicago). Wayne Hizinga (sp??) owner of the Miami Dolphins owns one. I believe EJA has 8 (unconfirmed). Private Jet (Europe) has 2 or 3. General Electric has 2.

I saw 2 in Nice France not long ago, but couldn't tell you who the owner was, other than they had "N" numbers.

I've heard the ACJ isn't selling well (Aviation Week report). I guess they've dedicated their line to the airlines and every now and then will build an ACJ. The only one I've heard of is based in Europe or the Middle East. It was in AIN within the last couple of months.

Probably more info than you were looking for (or not enough??).


Sorry, meant for another thread.

Thanks a lot!!

Thanks a lot!

I sure appreciate your response.
I just have to start investigating all the sources.

That was a priceless post..........thanks.

Oh yeah, I'm jealous of the Groucho animation, too.

see ya.

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