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Bases for Poolies?

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Kool Aid CEO
Jan 28, 2002
Hey Ya'll,
Since we don't have class dates yet, let's at least figure out where we want to go after OAK. (Don't you hate it when you check this board for the sixth time before noon and there's no new posts up?)
Of course, since most of you are senior to me, I'm hoping you all want to stay in OAK.

OK, I'll start. I want MDW initially because it's an easy commute from DTW. Eventually, I want to move to back to God's country in Texas and live in base. After all, as my friend says, "You don't want your kids growing up yankees!" :)
What is the problem with Yankees you rotorhead? Hey congrats. Remember some people know who you are...and have flown with you......lol.

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