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Based on new contract what to expect?

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Nov 27, 2001
Im wondering since it passed what is first year Fo pay going to be and what is min guarantee? What is average TFP credits per month? Does the pay start 9/02 or 1/03?

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According to the "Minimum Raise Trip Rate" table, the raise starts on 9/02, and year 1 is 35.40. Year 2, on 9/03, is 62.12.
78.58 for a 3 year FO on 9/04, then 90.64 and 104.25.
They say to figure 500-600 bucks for per diem for lineholders, and I've heard lines average 92-95 TFP's (Trips for Pay) a month, though you may be able to pick up more if you look hard enough.
My buddy in MDW got hired last October, commutes, says he has been averaging at least 105 TFP's a month by picking stuff up. You can pick stuff up from individuals for straight pay, or if you get it from open time (if there is any) I think they pay second year rates for first year FO's.
On the down side, I hear there's even a few Captains out there who are still trying to pay off that expensive leather through payroll deduction.
As for the other question, I have absolutely no idea what the technical minimum gurantee is, or how many TFP's we get during training.
What you said...

Wow, thanks for the insight, exactly what I was looking for. I do believe training pay is 3000 per month but they have a slightly wacky way or paying it. Something about advances and stuff but im sure I'll figure that one out later. MLB explained once I believe. Anyway thanks a million PT.

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