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Baron Aviation

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Got Flight Job?
Jan 1, 2002
I have been posting my resume through the third party system
for Baron Aviation. However, there has not been any responce.
Can anyone at Baron give some insight to the present hiring.
I flew for Baron up until 1999 before moving on to a jet job from which I was furloughed this year. After my furlough I called Bron (march) and was told that at the time they were overstaffed with pilots. The reason for the overstaffing being that FedEx had stopped a particular express service that was ideal for th caravans. Baron has an unwritten policy of not furloughing pilots.

I considered my time with Baron to have been rewarding but also demanding. The caravan is a simple airplane with great avionics but the airplane is flown in often difficult situations right at it's limits.
Keep trying and when you get into Baron be careful in ice and rest assured that the airplane will stay together in a CB.
Baron is a great company. I worked their from march of 97 to aug 98 and I can say they are a standup company. I know their is not much movement in the caravan companys since alot of the hiring at the regionals have stop or slowed. I got hired by knowing a few pilots and also from talking to the chief pilot on the phone about every other month. I would also update the resume about every other month with the new totals. Persistance does pay off is the only trick I know. I would go to www.caravanpilots.com and get the right address and fax number. I used to know the chief pilots their but it has been about 4 years since I was their. Take care. Jim Sankey

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