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Bank Air???

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Active member
Nov 29, 2001
Looking for info on Bank Air, bases, pay, and type of planes flown. And how many pilots they have. Thanks
Bank Air is based down in Columbia, SC but they fly all over. I know they have a couple of Senecas MU-2's and Lears. I talked to a couple of thier pilots when I was flying corporate down in the Carolinas and they all seemed really nice. I don't have any contact info, but if you call the FBO down at Columbia they could probly give you a phone number. There are two FBO's there Eagle Aviation and another one. They are over at the other one NOT Eagle. Good luck to you.
I was just over in CAE for a few days, the FBO is Columbia aviation. I don't know a thing about Bank Air, but I will make a few observations:

-Their MU-2's look HORRIBLE. Now I understand that cosmetics dont always reflect the state of a companies MX, but in my experience the freight operators that keep their AC clean and painted also keep them well maintained. An operation that is so concerned about it's bottom line that it chooses not to have a good corporate image, will also choose to skimp in maintenance, pay, and working conditions.

That having been said, there are some excellent freight companies out there:

-Martinaire in Dallas. Caravans. good pay, well-maintained AC.
-Baron Aviation in MEM. FedEx Caravans.
-Mountain Air Cargo. I think thats the correct name. FedEx Caravans and Fokker F-27's
-AirNet in Columbus. I know not everyone likes 'em, but the three pilots I've met over the years had nothing but good things to say.

If I can be of any assistance to you please ask. I flew for Martinaire during the year of 1998, and would be happy to provide you with more info. GREAT professional experience. (Harlen Truman is the Chief Pilot, 800 282-3828)



PS-Columbia Aviation is the WORST FBO I've ever been to.
Bank Air

Check with KlingonLRDRVR.He frequents this board and is a Bank Air Lear Capt.

Nice Guy. He should be able to help you with info on Bank Air. Click at the top of this page on "members" and go to the K list. Send him a private message. Tell him MTBoy referred you to him.

Good Luck.

Next time you are in CAE go over to Eagle Aviation. When I was flying corporate out of RDU we went to CAE at least 6-7 times a month and always went to eagle. Nice pilot lounge, Direct TV, snooze rooms, and new crew cars. They usually have some cute girl working there too!!
Hey Fr8Dog,

Yeah man, I've been to Eagle, very nice place. Unfortunately I had Columbia Aviation on my release form so I had to stick with it. I gave Dispatch an earfull when I returned, hopefully no more of that unpleasentless.

Hope the freight industry is treating you well.



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