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Baggage "screening"

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Nov 26, 2001
I just saw something interesting on our local TV news. Apparently Mesa isn't screening bags in COS. Mesa had no comment.

I thought all carriers had to screen bags, beginning yesterday.

Each carrier had to have its specific security program approved by the Regional FAA. Perhaps Mesa has some agreement (and I am just speculating but this board is the place to do that)that allows baggage to be checked at DEN or whatever prior to getting in the big system. In Europe all they have is a belt about 30 feet wide that goes through a machine as wide, after going through the machine they are sorted by destination. Offline baggage goes through it prior to going onto the "big" jets.
The FAA requires one of three things, 1)bag screning 2)bag match 3)hand search. Several major airlines are doing bag match
Hey Bobby,

Just finished recurrent this last week and got to read the exact security directive. Without discussing all of its sensitive information openly here, I can tell you that the media is not exactly correct in its interpretation of what must occur. It is possible that mesa was acting properly if they were taking other measures (discussed in the SD). Stations should have a copy you can read, if you are still curious.
Baggage Screening

Thanks. That's the aviation-enlightened media for you. It needed something to liven up Saturday night news; Saturdays being one of the slowest news days of the week.

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